Time Allocation: 15-30 Minutes

Fall Dough Tree

Autumn Leaf Dough Tree

Children can practice sorting, counting, and various other math concepts with this activity.

Fall BioColor Pinecone Painting

BioColor Pinecone Painting

Explore the sensation of using a pine cone as a paint “brush!”

Fall Autumn Sensory Activity

Autumn Sensory Activity

Explore autumn in a sensory way with this fun, themed activity!

Clay Leaf Ornaments

Clay Leaf Ornaments

These simple leaf ornaments will delight any class and make for a great craft for chilly autumn days.

Fall Campfire

Collaborative Fall Campfire

Build teamwork in your own classroom campground.

Fall Paper Plate Owl

Paper Plate Owl

These feathered friends are a real hoot!

Fall Leaf Sun Catchers

Fall Leaf Sun Catchers

Children will love looking at the sun catchers as they hang in a window.

Fall Paper Plate Wreath

Paper Plate Wreath

A quick and simple activity to get in the fall spirit!

Fall, Float the Apple Boat

Float The Apple Boat

Explore flotation by creating little boats out of apples.

Fall Watercolor Leaves

Watercolor Autumn Leaves

This activity is a great way for students to contribute to the autumn décor in your classroom!

Fall Pony Bead Apples

Pony Bead Apples

Create fun, autumnal keychains and décor with this fun activity!

Fall Leaf Window

Leaf Window

This is a great activity to explore the different colors and textures of autumn leaves.

Fall Pinecone Owl

Pinecone Owls

These feathered friends are a real hoot!

Fall Fiery Leaves Trees

Fiery Fall Trees

In the fall in certain areas of the country, tree leaves turn fiery hues of gold, red, yellow and orange. Children may wonder, what makes trees change colors? This craft is a great accompaniment to lessons on trees and the life cycle of a tree.

Granparent's Day Activity - Jewelry Holder

Grandparents’ Jewelry Holder

Many grandparents value their jewelry and watches because of their inherent value and the memories they inspire. Create a little bowl made specially for them to hold these items. We're going to use air-dry foam and putty along with our reusable inflatable forms to make these keepsakes.

Grandma and Grandpa Shelf-Sitters

Grandma and Grandpa Shelf-Sitters

A charming craft for children to give as a gift or keep for themselves.

#1 Cool Grandpa Award

No. 1 Cool Grandpa Award

Reward grandpa with this rad ribbon for being so cool!

Paper Plate Grandparent Portrait

Paper Plate Grandparent Portrait

Create colorful depictions of grandma and grandpa!

Flowerpot for Grandma

Flowerpot for Grandma

Show grandma how much she's loved!

Grandparent's Day Craft - Coaster

Grampa & Gran’s Coaster

Everyone can use a special coaster! Gran and Grampa will think of their grandkids every time they drink coffee or a cool drink while using these crafty coasters. Plus, children will learn some basic construction skills.

Grandma's Marbled Flower Pot

Grandma’s BioColor Marbled Flowerpot

In this activity we're going to make marbled papier-mache pots that grandma and grandpa can use for flowers, change, pens, treats and more!

Grandparent's Day - Bookmarks

Watercolor Bookmarks for Grandma and Grandpa

No matter our age, reading is good for our brains! Encourage grandma and grandpa to read more by giving them a unique and personal bookmark gift. It's sure to bring smiles to their faces!

Animal Masks

Animal Masks

Take part in an outdoor jungle safari by creating a mask of your favorite animal! Chose to become a tiger, zebra, giraffe or a bear. Which one of God's animals will you be today?

Construction Paper Popsicles

Construction Paper Popsicles

Cool off with this cool craft!

Sunshine Paper Plate Mask

Sunshine Paper Plate Mask

Celebrate the start of summer with these sunny masks!

Cardboard Flip-Flops

Cardboard Flip-Flops

Step into summer with a display of fancy footwear!

Paper Plate Sundial

Paper Plate Sundial

A STEAM activity just right for sunny days!



Combine shapes to create a majestic shark!

July Noisemaker

July Noise Maker

Celebrate the 4th with some noise! No 4th of July celebration is complete without noisemakers, and this activity will have children making their own in no time. Decorate as you like for creative expression and build motor skills playing this festive drum.

Straw Fireworks

Straw Fireworks

Recreate the color, shapes and excitement of fireworks with this explosive activity! Children will practice creative skills and motor skills while also gaining experience working with different colors and shapes. The results are explosive!

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