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Beautiful Bottle Blossoms

2 and up: 30 Minutes: Paint: Spring
Beautiful Bottle Blossoms

Beautiful Bottle Blossoms

Beautiful Bottle Blossoms
An Activity for Preschoolers:

Dip and dab a colorful garden using recycled materials!

Before You Begin:

Make sure bottles are empty and rinsed out before children use them as painting tools.

Activity Goals:

To promote creativity and awareness of nature.


Try experimenting with different bottles and styles for creativity. Although this lesson suggests painting items in nature, these bottle stampers can be used to enhance creativity with any project.

Let's Get Started


Discuss one of the many topics of nature with the children. Show them pictures to support the discussion.


Pour different colored paints into separate plates. You may also use white paint for clouds or snow.


Have children use bottles as stampers to make flowers, trees, or other items found in nature.


Have the children add additional details to the artwork with brushes. For example, make the flower’s stem and leaves with a sponge brush or fingerprint.

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