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Colorful Valentine Cards

2 and up: 30 Minutes: Valentines Day
Colorful Valentine Cards

Colorful Valentine Cards

Colorful Valentine Cards
An Activity for Preschoolers:

Crafty, personalized cards to give to loved ones on Valentine’s Day.

Before You Begin:

Provide as many creative materials as possible for this activity. Allow each child to use her/his own creativity in putting together a card. Resist the urge to ‘suggest’ what the child should do.

Activity Goals:

To make a fun holiday greeting card for parents or family members.
To develop cutting skills.
To express personality and individual creativity.


This same activity can be used for any holiday. Simply change to materials to reflect the current holiday season.

Let's Get Started


Provide cardstock for the child to create a card. You may want to fold the cardstock paper in half to make a card shape. However, folding is not necessary and you have the children create a flat-faced card instead.


Demonstrate how to use Krazy Cut scissors (if the children are developmentally able to use scissors) to make fun and unique patterns to glue on the card.


Have the children add stickers, embossed foil paper, craft tape, and ribbon to personalize.

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