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At Colorations we’re doing what we do best during these difficult times by offering hundreds of educational craft ideas for children to do at home!

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Pom Poms

The Colorful History of the Pom-Pom

You might not think much about the cultural role of these soft little fluffs, but pom-poms have a rich and colorful history adorning uniforms, traditional dress, casual clothing and décor across the world. Join us as we explore some of the history of the pom-pom!

Liquid Watercolor™ Flowers

Liquid Watercolor Flowers

Celebrate spring while learning about plant science!

Dad Collage

Dad Collage

Write a special message to dad with a unique collage creation! This activity will expose children to the colorful and textural possibilities of collage artwork as they create a charming gift for their fathers.

Flower and Grass Hats

Flower and Grass Hats

A quick and easy activity to create springtime headwear!

Earth Day art roll tree

Toddler Art Roll Tree

Trees are essential to life on Earth. Celebrate them with this fun craft!

Days with Dad

Celebrate special days with dad with a jarful of your favorite activities! In addition to creating a great gift for dad, this activity helps children to plan ahead, practice fine motor skills and build creative skills as they decorate their jar to their liking.

Father's Day - Collage

Meet My Dad

Create a portrait of dad like no other using collage materials! This activity will demonstrate the creative possibilities of collage art and give children a taste of creating representational artwork. And of course, dad's going to get a great portrait!

Paper Roll Windsocks

Paper Roll Windsocks

A colorful craft for windy days!

10 Reasons

Show dad ten reasons that you love him with this charming craft stick activity. In addition to helping children express their feelings, this activity encourages construction skills, creative thinking and color recognition.

Beautiful Bottle Blossoms

Beautiful Bottle Blossoms

Dip and dab a colorful garden using recycled materials!

Dad Tape Art

Dad Tape Art

Create an irresistible keepsake for Father's Day!

Stand-Up Flowers

Stand-Up Flowers

These lovely flowers make for great springtime gifts.

Pom-Pom Caterpillar

Caterpillars are an amazing insect for celebrating Earth Day!

My Dad Rocks!

My Dad Rocks!

Show dad how much he rocks with his own personalized rock!

A Necktie for Dad

Necktie for Dad

Give dad a wearable reminder of how much he is loved!

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