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Pom Poms

The Colorful History of the Pom-Pom

You might not think much about the cultural role of these soft little fluffs, but pom-poms have a rich and colorful history adorning uniforms, traditional dress, casual clothing and décor across the world. Join us as we explore some of the history of the pom-pom!

Moms Keychain

Mom’s Keychain

Create a unique keychain for mom using glitter goo and beads! These colorful materials provide unique textural and design possibilities for children to experiment with. A colorful learning activity that makes a great gift!

Shoe Print Putty

Shoe Print Putty

Putty offers benefits for children of many ages. Younger children benefit from the sensory play and exercise of squeezing putty and older children are able to express themselves creatively by molding. This shoe print putty can serve as a cute classroom decoration or sentimental gift for parents.

Frame for Mom

Frame for Mom

Create a unique frame for mom using collage materials. This activity encourages experimentation with color, texture and design to create a unique and personalized gift to celebrate Mother's Day.


3-D Bird

Shapes, color and spatial awareness meet in an activity that will make children chirp for joy! Learn about contrasting colors by creating a three-dimensional artwork out of your own collage paper. Then, build a sturdy base strong enough to display it.


Watercolor Weaving Mat

Combine a classic weaving activity with the beauty of watercolor! Weaving activities are a great way to develop fine motor skills and introduce crafts such as baskets and textiles. Liquid Watercolor™ adds a gorgeous watercolor component, and a chance to explore complementary colors.


Volcano Painting

This activity is a fun, artistic twist on the classic homemade volcano science activity. Although the solution is not dangerous, this activity should be supervised closely by an adult. While learning about scientific reactions, you'll create a beautiful artwork in the process!

Watercolor Flowers for Mom

Watercolor Flowers for Mom

Create colorful bouquets that won't wither or fade!


Twang the Guitar

For young children, it can be hard to understand that the sounds we hear are made from vibrations. This activity helps begin the process for children to understand this scientific concept. In addition to noticing how vibrations make sounds, they'll also make their own instruments!


Glittery Wax Painting

This educational art activity will have children using a unique art technique and getting hands-on to manipulate their artwork. This activity provides a unique way to practice fingerpainting without the mess—plus, children will enjoy painting on a non-opaque canvas.

Native Spirit Stick

This activity is a wonderful way to encourage creative expression and multicultural awareness. As children put their own creative twist on a traditional Native American craft, they'll learn about an important ceremonial object used in rituals and displayed in homes.


Classification Fun

Classification and sorting are important skills to develop for math, science and language arts. Sorting colors is usually one of the first sorting activities that a child can do since we talk about colors from an early age.

Origami Art Book

Origami Art Book

It is important to expose your children to different cultures in order to allow them to become well-rounded adults. Creating Origami Art Books with your children is a great way to introduce them to a bit of Japanese art and culture.

Clay MoM Ring Holder

Clay MoM Ring Holder

A charming keepsake with functionality!

Fluffy Goop

Fluffy Goop

Stoke creative thinking with soft and squishy fluffy goop! Children love combining in- gredients according to a recipe to create a unique mixture. While these goopy mixtures can often make for fun sensory activities, by adding collage materials children can create interesting three-dimensional artworks!

Craft Activity - Build Your Own Vehicle

Build Your Own Vehicle

Children are fascinated by all different modes of transportation. From cars and trains to boats, rocket ships and bicycles, they just can’t seem to get enough of moving around in fun and interesting ways!

Matching Beads

Bead Sequencing

Beading activities are not only great for creating stylish bracelets and necklaces—they are also wonderful opportunities to practice patterns, sequencing, concentration and focus!

Mirror Frames

Mirror Frames

Give children a boost in self-expression and self-esteem with these delightful mirror frames! Building self-esteem is critical in young children, and this activity is a great way to provide words of encouragement and a way for them to see their own creativity and beauty reflected back at them.

Flower Pencil

Flower Pencil

The key to this activity is using lots of vibrant color! Ensure that each child has easy access to a variety of Liquid WatercolorTM paints so that they can quickly grab what they need without having to wait for a bottle to become free. As with any activity in which paint is used, keep cleaning supplies within reach.

Building tubes

Art Roll Structures

Children love building with a variety of construction tools. This activity takes DIY construction projects to a whole new level by having children create their own unique building blocks with craft rolls!

Torn Paper Animals

Torn Paper Animals

This activity is all about self-expression, creativity and individuality, so be sure to provide children with a broad selection of paints and textured paint rollers to work with.

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