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Love Note Critter Clips

15 Minutes: 2 and up: Valentines Day
Love Note Critter Clips

Love Note Critter Clips

An Activity for Preschoolers:

A charming way to deliver words of love!

Before You Begin:

Allow the children to do as much of the project as possible. If the children can cut their own craft foam, allow them to do so, even if the end product is not perfect. Each child should put as much of their own thought and creativity into the project as they can.

Activity Goals:

To give children an opportunity to spread love at home.
To create a cute dramatic play character.
To celebrate Valentine’s Day.


Use magnetic tape to make a refrigerator magnet for displaying love notes!

Let's Get Started


Use wooden clothespins as a base for the bodies of the caterpillar, ladybug, butterfly or any animal or insect that the child wants to create for the activity.


Using pom-poms or craft foam, have the child glue their critter materials on one side of clothespin. The critter shapes, like wings for a butterfly, should be cut out of the craft foam prior to gluing it on the clothespin.


Add wiggly eyes and pipe cleaners for antennae, and any other embellishments as desired.


Clip a card, note or photo into the clothespin to give as a gift.

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