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Christmas Tree Spiral

15-30 Minutes: 4 and up: Holiday
Christmas Tree Spiral Creative Craft Activity for the Holidays

Christmas Tree Spiral

Christmas Tree Spiral Creative Craft Activity for the Holidays


Express creativity and craft in three dimensions with these unique spiral-shaped holiday trees! These trees are a delight to create and decorate just the way you like. Hang from the ceiling or around the room to enjoy the spiral shape to the fullest.

Set Up Ideas

This activity will require drying time, so be sure to prepare a space where the paper plates can dry quickly so that you can get back to crafting as soon as possible.

Let’s Get Started

These unique trees are a treat to make and delightfully easy to personalize. To start, you'll need paper plates, green paint, construction paper, yarn, scissors and glue. Encourage creative thinking by also providing glitter and collage materials for more unique trees.


Paint both sides of a paper plate green and allow it to dry fully. You may wish to set these aside and come back to them at a later time.


Cut the plate into a spiral shape. Cut small holes in different places along the spiral to add ornaments.


Make small ornaments by cutting out a star shape and several small circles. Cut a small hole near the edge of each circle just large enough to run a string of yarn through it.


Cut out pieces of yarn and loop each through an ornament and a hole on the tree. Adhere a larger piece of yarn to the center of the spiral and glue the star onto the center as well.

Christmas trees are very common, but not all trees are the same. Some people decorate according to a color scheme for an artistic design. Others fill their tree with personal items and photos of family members. Discuss whether the children have trees at home and how they'd like to decorate them.


Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Cut your plate so that the spiral is about an inch or two wide. Cutting too wide won't give you much of a spiral and cutting too narrow will produce a tree that is too stringy.

Follow up Activity

Follow up Activity

Create decorative gift boxes by covering old shoe boxes or similarly sized boxes with construction paper and decorating them with festive colors, shapes and designs.

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