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STEM Activities show n tell

Show and Tell Science & Math

Show and tell is an age-old activity that happens in many classrooms. Put an academic spin on this activity and support standards at the same time. The children have lots of fun while learning set comparison using science materials and a simple graph.


Swimming Lava

This experiment is a colorful way to demonstrate some of the differences between oil and water. Children will learn that oil is less dense than water, but salt is denser and heavier than both. By combining them, you can create a unique visual experience!


Dancing Spaghetti

Make spaghetti do tricks with this fun and fizzy experiment! While this activity is a real dance party in a glass, by observing the results of combining baking soda and vinegar children will gain a unique perspective on chemical reactions.


Volcano Painting

This activity is a fun, artistic twist on the classic homemade volcano science activity. Although the solution is not dangerous, this activity should be supervised closely by an adult. While learning about scientific reactions, you'll create a beautiful artwork in the process!


Classification Fun

Classification and sorting are important skills to develop for math, science and language arts. Sorting colors is usually one of the first sorting activities that a child can do since we talk about colors from an early age.


Spongy Engineering

Children will love the unique sensory feel of this activity—plus, they'll be learning valuable science skills! Slime and putty materials can be costly, but with this activity you'll make your own with just a few ingredients. Lots of learning ahead!


How Does It Feel?

Children will love the unique sensory feel of this activity—plus, they'll be learning valuable science skills! Slime and putty materials can be costly, but with this activity you'll make your own with just a few ingredients. Lots of learning ahead!


Homemade Stethoscopes

Young children are fascinated with how the human body works, and listening to a heartbeat is particularly intriguing. This activity provides a simple way to hear to the human heartbeat and gain body awareness by learning about and creating a rudimentary stethoscope.


Twang the Guitar

For young children, it can be hard to understand that the sounds we hear are made from vibrations. This activity helps begin the process for children to understand this scientific concept. In addition to noticing how vibrations make sounds, they'll also make their own instruments!

STEM Activities measure with cubes

Measuring With Cubes

Measuring lengths of items is always a fun learning experience for little ones. Since it's not yet important for young children to know specific units such as inches and feet, using other materials provides a unique approach while teaching the fundamentals.

STEM Activities oil and water

Oil and Water Don’t Mix

This simple activity is sure to spark an interest in science for little ones! Children will marvel as they witness oil floating on top of water and discover what happens when they place drops of Liquid Watercolor into a cup of oil!

STEM Activities go fast

I Can Go Fast and Far

Children will go fast and far as they explore ramps, how they work and how they can affect an object's speed. Through this activity, children will discover that the steeper the incline of the ramp, the faster and further an object will travel.

STEM Activities nothing machines

Do-Nothing Machines

Explore the process of creating machines that do…nothing! This activity encourages creative engineering and helps children learn the vocabulary and processes to constructing a project. With no set direction, there is no pressure to complete a design—simply fun and learning!

STEM Activities maze building

Maze Building

Construction projects are a great way to reinforce engineering skills and vocabulary, and constructing a maze adds an added component of creative thinking! Introduce children to the concept of a maze, and use words like construction, build, structure, stability and hypothesis as they work.

STEM Activities tubular math science

Tubular Math & Science

Classification and sorting can take on a more personal meaning when children use items they've created themselves. This activity gives children an opportunity to use recycled household materials, create their own manipulatives and sort them by pattern or color.

STEM Activities Button Attributes

Button Attributes

Pete the Cat may be losing his buttons, but his story provides a great chance to practice sorting skills! This groovy activity explores basic subtraction, attributes and classification. Enjoy an instant-classic sing-along story while building beginner math skills!

Thumbprint Insects

Thumbprint Insects

This insect lifecycle activity gets two colorful thumbs up!

Spatial Awareness

Use children's own artworks to help them learn spatial terms!

Can It Float

Can It Float?

Create craft stick rafts and then test them. Will yours sink or float?

Cognitive Dough

Developing Cognitive Brain Connections

Recreate numbers, shapes and more with modeling materials!

Finger Paint Bags

Finger Paint Bags

Enjoy finger painting without the mess!

Magnetic Marbles

Magnetic Marble Prints

Use the power of magnets to create unique artworks!

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