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What Number Is That?

10-15 Minutes: 4 and up: STEM
STEM Activities what number

What Number Is That?

STEM Activities what number


Build motor skills and numeral recognition with this simple educational activity. Toss a pom-pom into an egg carton and name the numeral found inside. This activity works best once children understand one-to-one correspondence and are ready to begin recognizing numerals.

Set Up Ideas

When completing Step 1, you may make the remaining section a "toss again" section. Give it a colorful design using several markers.

Let’s Get Started

To get started with this activity, you'll need to gather an egg carton, markers and several pom-poms. When working with multiple children, have the children work in pairs or small groups, providing each their own egg carton, markers and pom-poms.


Write the numerals 0–10 on the inside bottom of each egg carton section. Because there are 12 sections, there will be one left over. It is probably too early to add "11" to the children's list of numerals.


With the cartons marked and the children split into small groups, have the children take turns tossing a large pom-pom ball into the egg carton.


Each time that a pom-pom is tossed, have the child identify the numeral that is in the egg slot where the pompom landed.


Repeat the game by tossing pom-poms and identifying the numerals. You may have children in pairs take turns tossing and identifying.

Looking to incorporate counting into this activity? After a child identifies a numeral, have them count their way from 0 to the numeral by pointing at each numeral in its spot. You may need or wish to count with the children if they are just learning counting.


Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

If the numerals inside the egg carton appear too small, you may wish to incorporate flash cards or large block numerals. Hold up or have the children find the matching numeral and then identify it.

Follow up Activity

Follow up Activity

Hang onto those pom-poms after they've been thrown and have the children practice sorting by grouping the like-colored poms together into separate piles.

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