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Weather Murals

30-45 Minutes: 6 and up: STEM

Weather Murals

Set Up Ideas

When you are working with little kids and paint, cleanup stations are a must. Prepare a few buckets of both soapy water and clean water with rags.

Let’s Get Started

To prepare for this activity, prepare tempera paints, paint brushes, large art paper and easels or tables. Try to plan for a time when the weather is nice and the project can be completed outside.


If possible, take the children outside and allow them to observe the weather for the day. If the conditions are unpleasant or unsuitable, have the children observe the weather through a window.


When back inside, discuss what weather indicators were observed outside. Was there rain or snow? Were there clouds or blue skies? Encourage the children to share.


Have the children each paint a picture that represents the weather that they observed.


Have the children dictate the scenes that they have created. Help them write captions on their photos to describe the weather.

Ask the children how different weather makes them feel. Some people relate rainy and cold weather to sad feelings, but others enjoy them. Either is okay. Encourage them to explain their feelings and draw connections between weather indicators and their emotions.


Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

If you have a television or computer in the room, put on the weather channel to discuss forecasts. They may not understand the jargon, but it may help the students to come up with some good questions.

Follow up Activity

Follow up Activity

For older children, you may create a 3-dimensional shoebox panorama to display the weather that they’ve observed. This activity may take a few sessions to complete because it requires more work and detail.

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