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Magnetic Marble Prints

15 Minutes: 2 and up: STEM
Magnetic Marbles

Magnetic Marble Prints

An Activity for Preschoolers:

Use the power of magnets to create unique artworks!

Before You Begin:

Gather the following materials: a magnetic marble, a magnetic wand, a thin tray, art paper and paint.

You will need a tray that is thin enough so that the magnet on one side of the tray will attract the marble on the other side. Place the tray on top of a couple of blocks so that there is space to work below the tray. You may want to tape the tray and blocks in place.

Activity Goals:

To discover the pushing and pulling powers of magnets while creating artwork.


Experiment with different colors of paint to create exciting and wild color combinations!

Let's Get Started


Place a piece of art paper on the tray.


Have a child apply a few drops of paint and then place a marble onto the paper with the paint.


Have the child manipulate the marble around the paper by using the magnetic wand underneath the tray. Doing so will create unique designs on the paper.


Remove the magnetic marble and allow the artwork to dry.

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