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Engineering Vocabulary

15 Minutes: 2 and up: STEM

Engineering Vocabulary

An Activity for Preschoolers:

Teach children STEM terms as they complete their own projects!

Before You Begin:

Gather a set of blocks, crayons and paper or a small journal. Also, prepare word cards that say Explore, Create, Hypothesis and Improve.

Activity Goals:

To practice using engineering terms and processes.


This STEM activity is a great way to promote engineering skills in young children. Try with a single child or with several children working on their own projects.

Let's Get Started


Provide children with blocks to use and allow them to explore what the blocks can do. Use the word explore and display the word card as they manipulate the blocks.


Challenge children to think of something they can build using their blocks. Have them each draw a picture of what they would like to make. Use the word hypothesis as you discuss with them and display the word card.


Have the child create the projects they've drawn. Display the Create word card.


When the children have completed their projects ask them to analyze what could be changed or improved. Display the Improve word card during your discussion.

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