Tag: Fall

Fall BioColor Pinecone Painting

BioColor Pinecone Painting

Explore the sensation of using a pine cone as a paint “brush!”

Pine Cone Creatures

Pine Cone Creatures

Encourage imaginations to soar! It’s always amazing to see the wonderful creativity of children.

Fall Paper Plate Owl

Paper Plate Owl

These feathered friends are a real hoot!

Fall Leaf Sun Catchers

Fall Leaf Sun Catchers

Children will love looking at the sun catchers as they hang in a window.

Fall Owl Pots

Owl Pots

Children can transform a simple flowerpot into a charming owl with just a little imagination!

Fall Worm in My Apple

There’s a Worm in My Apple

This fun craft is a great “hide-and-seek” activity and would go well with Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar book.

Fall Paper Plate Wreath

Paper Plate Wreath

A quick and simple activity to get in the fall spirit!

Fall Paper Roll Treest

Craft Roll Apple Trees

These fun, festive apple trees are a perfect craft to go along with a unit on apples, fall harvests, or Johnny Appleseed!

Fall, Float the Apple Boat

Float The Apple Boat

Explore flotation by creating little boats out of apples.

Fall Watercolor Leaves

Watercolor Autumn Leaves

This activity is a great way for students to contribute to the autumn décor in your classroom!

Fall Pony Bead Apples

Pony Bead Apples

Create fun, autumnal keychains and décor with this fun activity!

Fall Dough Tree

Autumn Leaf Dough Tree

Children can practice sorting, counting, and various other math concepts with this activity.

Fall Leaf Window

Leaf Window

This is a great activity to explore the different colors and textures of autumn leaves.

Fall Autumn Sensory Activity

Autumn Sensory Activity

Explore autumn in a sensory way with this fun, themed activity!

Fall Pinecone Owl

Pinecone Owls

These feathered friends are a real hoot!

Clay Leaf Ornaments

Clay Leaf Ornaments

These simple leaf ornaments will delight any class and make for a great craft for chilly autumn days.

Fall Campfire

Collaborative Fall Campfire

Build teamwork in your own classroom campground.

Pony Bead Corn & Pumpkins

Pony Bead Corn & Pumpkins

Children can create a great take-home craft with these fun corn and pumpkin shapes!