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Pine Cone Creatures

2 and up: 30 Minutes: Halloween
Pine Cone Creatures

Pine Cone Creatures

Pine Cone Creatures
An Activity for Preschoolers:

Encourage imaginations to soar! It’s always amazing to see the wonderful creativity of children.

Before You Begin:

Gather all the necessary supplies, and then lay the pine cones horizontally on the table. One of the pine-cone ends will become the face.

Activity Goals:

Practice motor skills
Explore different textures
Exercise creativity


Experiment by making totems with the pine cones. Glue three together, and then make faces for each one.

Let's Get Started


Add legs or wings to each side of the pine cone by pushing craft materials such as foam or pipe cleaners between the rows of the pine cones.


Secure with glue if needed.


Glue on wiggly eyes, felt or foam for the facial features of your creature.

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