Time Allocation: 10-15 Minutes

Tape Mummies Creative Craft Activity for Halloween

Tape Mummies

Mummies come alive in this fun and simple activity! Layering the masking tape to create a mummy design is not only fun, but a great way to build fine motor skills. A terrific process art activity for cultivating creativity.

Cute Black Cat Stand Ups Craft Activity for Halloween

Cute Black Cat Stand Ups

These easy-to-make black cats are all treat—no tricks! This activity demonstrates how easy and fun it can be to turn commonplace items like cardboard tubes into interesting, representational art pieces. The final result can be great fun for dramatic play.

Spooky Bat Clips Craft Activity for Halloween

Spooky Bat Clips

Let your creativity take flight! Whether you think they are spooky, creepy or absolutely adorable, bats are a classic symbol of Halloween. These bats are a cute and colorful way to celebrate the holiday and build fine motor skills.

Frankenstein's Mask Craft for Halloween

Frankenstein Faces

It's alive! This activity will have children creating their own versions of Frankenstein's monster. Great for developing early motor skills and for Halloween-themed dramatic play.

Simple Beading Pumpkin for Halloween

Simple Beading Pumpkin

It's harvest time! These simple beaded pumpkins are easy to make, and great for building fine motor skills in little hands. With a simple shape and just a couple of colors, it's remarkable how easy it can be to represent real-world objects.

Ghost in the Window

Ghost in the Window

Peek in at these spooky ghosts!

Art Roll Mummy

Art Roll Mummy

You'll marvel at these adorable mummies!

Feeling Batty

Feeling Batty

The bats are out of the belfry in this cute craft!

Cotton Ghosts Creative Craft Activity for Halloween

Fluffy Ghosts

The light, fluffy texture of cotton balls is perfect for creating cute little ghosts! This activity is great for fine motor skills practice, and it allows room for children to express their creativity by personalizing their ghosts.

Shimmering Spider Webs Creative Craft Activity for Halloween

Shimmering Spider Webs

While spiders are often depicted in Halloween décor as being creepy crawlies, there's no denying that their webs are works of wonder! Catch some fun with these shimmery webs as children practice focus and line drawing.

Torn Paper Candy Corn Creative Craft Activity

Torn Paper Candy Corn

Build fine motor skills with this sweet treat of an activity! Ripping small construction paper squares is a great way to build dexterity, and it provides unique sensory stimulation. Gluing the pieces together onto another sheet of paper will help with categorizing and color recognition as well.

Skeleton Handprints Creative Craft Activity for Halloween

Skeleton Handprints

A unique twist on handprint activities! Creating these spooky handprints is not only fun for the Halloween season, but is also a great opportunity to discuss the human skeleton, bones and x-rays!

Fall Paper Plate Wreath

Paper Plate Wreath

A quick and simple activity to get in the fall spirit!

Fall Pinecone Owl

Pinecone Owls

These feathered friends are a real hoot!

Fall String Art Pumpkin

String Art Pumpkins

Everyone loves pumpkins in the fall time! Pumpkins are harvested in the fall, so we use this craft to celebrate fall and all that happens during this festive time of year.

Fall Craft Activity - Stick Puppets

Crow Stick Puppets

Corn is harvested in the fall and early winter months, and crows love it! Crows enjoy eating the corn, which is why farmers put up scarecrows—to scare crows away! This craft will help to teach kids about why fall is often symbolized with corn, scarecrows and crows.

Fall Leaves - Luminaria

Fall Leaves Luminaria

Fall leaves turn fiery hues of gold, yellow and red. Use those colors to create luminarias, small paper lanterns, that can be used to teach about the transitioning colors of leaves in the fall and how light shines through different materials.

#1 Cool Grandpa Award

No. 1 Cool Grandpa Award

Reward grandpa with this rad ribbon for being so cool!

Olympic Medals

You’re a winner! Medals

Everyone's a winner with these dazzling medals!

Olympic Wreaths

Laurel Head Wreath

Celebrate excellence with wearable wreaths!

Go USA Snowglobe

Go USA Snowglobe

Celebrate Team USA with a shimmering snow globe!

Olympic Torch

Olympic Torch

Create a fabulous torch to inspire Olympic dreams!

Fireworks Painting

Fireworks Painting

Recreate the sights of a beautiful fireworks show!

Craft Stick Flags

Craft Stick Flags

Children will love creating their own artistic interpretation of the US Flag!

Sparkly Fireworks Headband

Sparkly Fireworks Headband

Create fashionable fireworks headbands with one simple craft item!

Patriotic Necklace

Patriotic Necklace

Celebrate Independence Day with necklaces bearing red, white and blue!

A Necktie for Dad

A Necktie for Dad

Give dad a wearable reminder of how much he is loved!

My Dad Rocks!

My Dad Rocks!

Show dad how much he rocks with his own personalized rock!

Earth Day art roll tree

Toddler Art Roll Tree

Trees are essential to life on Earth. Celebrate them with this fun craft!

Pom-Pom Caterpillar

Caterpillars are an amazing insect for celebrating Earth Day!

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