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Cute Black Cat Stand Ups

10-15 Minutes: 2 and up: Halloween
Cute Black Cat Stand Ups Craft Activity for Halloween

Cute Black Cat Stand Ups

Cute Black Cat Stand Ups Craft Activity for Halloween


These easy-to-make black cats are all treat—no tricks! This activity demonstrates how easy and fun it can be to turn commonplace items like cardboard tubes into interesting, representational art pieces. The final result can be great fun for dramatic play.

Set Up Ideas

An easy way to encourage creative expression would be to let children choose the colors of the whiskers and nose. Provide felt, construction paper and pipe cleaners in an assortment of colors.

Let’s Get Started

To make these fun felines, you'll need to gather cardboard craft tubes, pipe cleaners, sheets of felt, construction paper, black paint, wiggly eyes, glue and scissors. Additional items you may need include silver glitter paint, craft cups and Nancy bottles.


Glue on the ears, nose, whiskers, tail and wiggly eyes.


While the craft tube dries, cut small triangular ears and a nose from felt or construction paper. Then, cut pipe cleaners into smaller pieces for whiskers and a tail.


Clip a clothespin to the middle area between the two wings. You may need to scrunch up the wings until you are satisfied with the overall shape.


Use a white crayon or silver glitter paint to create a mouth and finish up by adding any other details desired.

Black cats are a common symbol of Halloween time, but we should remember to treat them kindly like any other animal. Often animals can become nervous or scared at holidays with loud noises and celebrations such as Halloween and Independence Day. Take special care to keep pets safe and secure at these times.


Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Cutting all the collage materials needed after painting the craft rolls will allow time for the craft rolls to dry completely before gluing the objects on.

Follow up Activity

Follow up Activity

Try creating other Halloween ghosts, monsters and creatures using craft rolls! Paint a green face with black hair for Frankenstein's Monster, paint a white craft roll for a ghost, and more.

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