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Feeling Batty

15 Minutes: 2 and up: Halloween
Feeling Batty

Feeling Batty

Feeling Batty
An Activity for Preschoolers:

The bats are out of the belfry in this cute craft!

Before You Begin:

Spook up your classroom by hanging these batty bats around. First, you'll need to gather the following materials: egg cartons, black paint, brushes, wiggly eyes, string or ribbon and any other collage materials desired to decorate the bats.

For young children, you may need to cut the egg cartons yourself.

Activity Goals:

To explore creativity and develop fine motor skills.


Encourage children to find and hang their bats around the classroom for Halloween decor.

Let's Get Started


Cut egg cartons in segments so that there are 3 egg holders in a row. A carton of a dozen eggs can produce 4 bat bases.


Paint the cut segments black and allow them to dry.


With the convex sides of the carton facing up, add eyes, ears, teeth or other batty features using collage materials and remaining carton pieces.


Poke holes on the tops of the bats and thread ribbon, string or yarn to tie and hang.

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