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Spooky Bat Clips

10-15 Minutes: 2 and up: Halloween
Spooky Bat Clips Craft Activity for Halloween

Spooky Bat Clips

Spooky Bat Clips Craft Activity for Halloween


Let your creativity take flight! Whether you think they are spooky, creepy or absolutely adorable, bats are a classic symbol of Halloween. These bats are a cute and colorful way to celebrate the holiday and build fine motor skills.

Set Up Ideas

Prepare a space with all the materials needed, as well as cleanup supplies to handle potential messes from painting. Break out gems and other creative collage items to decorate your bats.

Let’s Get Started

To create these fluttering friends, you'll need to gather Texas snowflakes (or paper coffee filters), Liquid Watercolor in black and purple, clothespins, scissors, craft cups, paintbrushes, black and purple gems and any other materials you wish to use to accentuate and personalize your bats.


Begin by folding a Texas snowflake in half and painting it with black and purple Liquid Watercolor. Allow to dry before continuing.


Once the Texas Snowflake is dry, keep it folded in half and cut out the shape of a wing at the crease. Unfold to reveal two wings that meet at the middle.


Clip a clothespin to the middle area between the two wings. You may need to scrunch up the wings until you are satisfied with the overall shape.


Decorate the clothespin body of the bat with black and purple gems, wiggly eyes and any other decorations that you wish to use.

The expression "batty" or "bats in the belfry" can refer to someone who is acting especially odd. Children will no doubt find these expressions amusing. What other unusual expressions, perhaps especially involving animals, can they think of? Consider "An elephant in the room", "Hold your horses", etc.


Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Encourage children to experiment with different techniques when painting their Texas Snowflakes. Some ideas include a tie-dye look, drip painting, other abstract designs or a more defined approach.
For darker bats, paint the clothespins black at the beginning.

Follow up Activity

Follow up Activity

Observe these bats in their natural environment: up in the air! Add string to the clothespins, hang the bats from the ceiling and turn a nearby fan on to watch them flutter about.

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