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Viva la Mexico Sombrero

30 Minutes: 4 and up: Cultural Diversity
Cultural Diversity Sombrero

Viva la Mexico Sombrero

Cultural Diversity Sombrero
An Activity for School-Age:

Fashionable wear for a classroom fiesta!

Before You Begin:

To create this festive hat, you'll need paper plates, paper cups, poms, pipe cleaners, glue and paint.

Activity Goals:

To celebrate the unique and beautiful hat of Mexican tradition.


Whether you are celebrating a Mexican holiday or just exploring diverse cultures, this activity is a fun way to create this recognizable festive hat.

Let's Get Started


Glue a paper cup to the center of a paper plate with the cup opening facedown. This is the base of the hat.


Once dry, paint the hat and add poms, pipe cleaners and other decorations.


Hang the hats from the ceiling or on a wall for festive classroom decoration.

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