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Colorations Foam Paint Explore

2 and up: 30 Minutes: Paint
Colorations Foam Paint Explore

Colorations Foam Paint Explore

Colorations Foam Paint Explore
An Activity for Toddlers:

A super sensory, open-ended art experience guaranteed to engage children of all ages!

Before You Begin:

Gather Colorations® Foam Paint, art trays, brushes, rollers, paint scrapers, or even just little hands and fingers and prepare for a fun, squishy, and fluffy time!

Activity Goals:

Explore color mixing
Explore making patterns
Develop fine motor skills


Don’t throw away the foamy swirls left behind when the activity is done! Simply press paper into the fluffy paint, ensuring that paper is covered with foam. Pull the paper out, wipe the foam away and a beautiful marbled painting will be left behind.

Let's Get Started


Spray a few squirts of Colorations® Foam Paint as desired onto tray.


Use rollers, scrapers, shaving brushes, or just hands to squeeze and squish the foam paint.


Simply enjoy the feeling of the foam paint and the colors mixing to create new hues


You may like to experiment with making handprints or fingerprints on paper after playing with the foam paint.

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