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BioColor® Drizzle Art

2 and up: 30 Minutes: Paint
BioColor Drizzle Art

BioColor® Drizzle Art

BioColor Drizzle Art
An Activity for Preschoolers:

Drizzle BioColor® paint with Nancy bottles for a “drip painting” or Jackson Pollock effect! Unique BioColor® paint formula keeps colors separated, glossy, and flexible when dry!

Before You Begin:

Gather paper or canvas along with BioColor® paint and Nancy bottles.

Activity Goals:

Explore color mixing
Explore cause and effect
Develop fine motor skills
Practice artistic expression


After painting is dry, it can be fun to use it as a background to create a collage of multi-textured materials such as glitter, sequins, pom-poms, or wood and foam shapes!

Let's Get Started


Fill Nancy bottles with various colors of BioColor® paint.


Lay paper or canvas on a flat surface (with protective paper or tablecloth underneath).


Hold bottle with opened tip downward and squeeze bottle gently to allow color to drip, drizzle, and flow onto the material!


Use different colors and motions to create splatter, drip, and line designs.

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