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Build Your Own Vehicle

4 and up: 45 Minutes: Learning - Critical Thinking
Craft Activity - Build Your Own Vehicle

Build Your Own Vehicle


Children are fascinated with all different modes of transportation. From cars to trains to boats, rocket ships and bicycles they just can’t seem to get enough of moving around in fun ways! This is an activity that adults will enjoy creating right alongside children. Who knows you might even talk dad or granddad into taking over this craft hour and build memories with children.

Learning, Critical Thinking
Ages 4-12
Timing - 45 Minutes
What You'll Need

Set Up ideas

Clear a large work surface and get out lots of different materials. When setting up the craft area think of it more as a buffet for the senses, with plenty of textures, colors and odds and ends. Allow children to explore and select the materials that interest them the most.

Let’s Get Started

You might want to assist the children in rst constructing a sturdy base or body for their vehicle and then allow them to be creative and add wheels, windows, decorations etc., what about FLAMES! Or whatever tickles their imagination in this creative experience.


Using craft tubes, small cardboard boxes, foam cubes, straws and paper have the children build a body of some sort for their vehicle. Help them use tape and pipe cleaners etc. to fasten it all together. They may choose to paint it or wrap it before beginning the decorating and adding of more parts.


Using glue, tape, or by poking holes in the base, begin attaching movement mecha- nisms like axle/wheels, sail, legs or wings! Ask the children to explain how their vehicle moves and where it goes.


Add other features like steering wheels, seats, cabins, etc. ... Does this vehicle have a driver or pilot inside?


Allow the children to decorate and embellish their creation.


During this activity remember to show that you take interest in what the children are creating. Ask them questions about parts they are adding to their vehicle. Let them explain the reasoning behind those choices and what bene t that feature might add to the vehicle. Maybe you could ask them what sort of sounds their vehicle makes?

Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

The challenge is to take regular craft items and create transportation items like cars, trains, boats, and rockets. Children can be encouraged to create an entirely new type of vehicle using their imaginations.

Follow up Activity

Follow up Activity

As a follow up activity you might have the children draw pictures or tell
stories about where their vehicle went or what happened on it’s adventures in imagination land.

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