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Art Roll Structures

4 and up: 45 Minutes: Learning - Problem Solving
Building tubes

Art Roll Structure Builders


Children love building with a variety of construction tools. This activity takes DIY construction projects to a whole new level by having children create their own unique building blocks with craft rolls!

Learning, Problem Solving
Ages 4-10
Timing - 45 Minutes
art roll structures what you need

Set Up ideas

Set the space by providing craft rolls, scissors and a collection of materials to decorate the craft rolls. Some suggestions include paint, markers, crayons, washi tape and self-adhesive gems.

Let’s Get Started

Depending on their developmental abilities, you may need to assist the children as they cut their craft rolls. Encourage children to be creative in their decorating to create one-of-a-kind structures.


Begin by cutting several craft rolls into various lengths while still maintaining the overall tube shape.


Decorate the tube pieces using washi tape, paint, markers, crayons and any other collage materials desired. Encourage creativity here so that each child’s pieces are unique.


Cut two slits on both the tops and bottoms of the tubes about 1/3 of the way through. These slits will be used to connect the tubes to one another.


When the tubes are completely dry from decorating, create tall structures by stack- ing the tubes on top of each other and using the slits to secure them into place.


While the emphasis of this activity is solving the problem of how to create a towering structure with these various pieces, you may ask children about their constructions and why they chose the decorative materials that they did. Ask about what their creations represent and you’re likely to hear some delightful stories from their imaginations!

Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

For children studying patterns, sorting, lengths or sequencing, another
option would be to create 4 difference colors and lengths of the tubes. You might even consider creating sample cards using the lengths and colors of the tubes for the children to recreate.

Follow up Activity

Follow up Activity

Tap into children’s imaginations by having them draw their tower creations and tell you their stories. They may wish to add other scenery or people into their drawings.

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