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10 Reasons

15-30 Minutes: 2 and up: Fathers Day

10 Reasons

Father's Day - 10 Reasons


Show dad ten reasons that you love him with this charming craft stick activity. In addition to helping children express their feelings, this activity encourages construction skills, creative thinking and color recognition.

Set Up Ideas

Arrange all the materials so that the children can easily grab the markers and craft sticks that they need. You may begin with the craft sticks separated by color.

Let’s Get Started

To create this charming gift for dad, you'll first need to gather 15 colored wood craft sticks, a black permanent marker, a low-temperature glue gun and some ribbon.


Arrange 11 colored wood sticks in any order you like. Some ideas include a rainbow, a repeating pattern or a random mix of colors.


On the first colored wood stick write "10 Reasons I Love You." On each of the subsequent craft sticks, write down a different reason that you love dad.


When you're done writing all your reasons, turn the colored sticks over and glue four additional sticks to the back to hold the other sticks in place.


Get a piece a ribbon and glue the ribbon to the back. Present to dad and hang anywhere at home!

Coming up with ten things may seem like a challenge at first, but by having an open discussion with children about why they love their parents, they'll be able to come up with a whole list in no time.


Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

An alternative to using pre-colored craft sticks is to paint craft sticks yourself. You may arrange and glue the sticks first, or paint each individually.

Follow up Activity

Follow up Activity

Show dad all the activities that you'd like to do with him by completing our Days with Dad activity. Decorate a jar and add sheets of paper with special activities to do together written on them.

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