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Beanie Penguins Creative Craft Activity for Winter

Beanie Penguins

Teaches fine motor skills and general animal appearance.

Eco-Friendly Snow People

Eco-Friendly Snow People

Making your own snow people with our eco-friendly rolls - fun and easy.

Stuffed Bag Snowpals

Stuffed Bag Snowpals

Create a fun snowman companion!

Contact Paper Snowman

Contact Paper Snowman

This is a great project for our K – 3 classroom hallways. Each grade level does a different craft for each season. Our class made snowmen that hang from the ceiling and is two-sided.

Winter Clothespin Friends

Winter Clothespin Friends

Such an easy way to create friendly clothespin critters!

Snowflake Peel Offs

Snowflake Peel Offs

Create a translucent snowflake to decorate windows or as a Christmas tree ornament children can give as a gift.

Winter Birds Creative Craft Activity

Winter Birds

Teaches weaving, fine motor skills, and imagination. Use with a lesson on winter animals and birds.

Hot Cocoa Cups Creative Craft Activity for Winter

Hot Cocoa Cups

Teaches following instructions, fine motor skills, and pretend play

Shapes Penguins Creative Craft Activity for Winter

Shapes Penguins

These adorable penguins aren't just a tun of fun to make—they're also a great early STEAM activity! Through artwork and imagination, children will practice combining simple shapes to make more interesting complex figures.

Snowperson Craft Rolls Creative Craft Activity for Winter

Snowperson Craft Rolls

This activity is a winter delight as children create their very own snow people! This activity provides excellent fine motor practice, as well as plenty of practice with creative thinking and using recycled materials in a unique way.

Craft Stick Snowflakes Creative Craft Activity for Winter

Craft Stick Snowflakes

Let every child express their uniqueness by creating snowflakes with their own unique designs! This activity is a great opportunity to celebrate the start of the winter season, as well as each child's own colorful personality.

Insta-Snow® Winter Slime Creative Craft Activity for Winter

Insta-Snow® Winter Slime

In this activity, snow gets slimy! The mesmerizing slime concoction you'll make provides a unique sensory experience and is a delight to squeeze and squish. A terrific way to build fine motor skills, enjoy sensory stimulation and create a winter-themed project.