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Snowperson Craft Rolls

10-15 Minutes: 4 and up: Winter
Snowperson Craft Rolls Creative Craft Activity for Winter

Snowperson Craft Rolls

Snowperson Craft Rolls Creative Craft Activity for Winter


This activity is a winter delight as children create their very own snow people! This activity provides excellent fine motor practice, as well as plenty of practice with creative thinking and using recycled materials in a unique way.

Set Up Ideas

Have some wardrobe options on display to inspire the children to create their own. Hats, earmuffs, jackets, buttons, glasses, backpacks and more are all great options.

Let’s Get Started

Gather the following materials: recycled craft rolls, construction paper, glue, scissors, pom poms, ribbon and pipe cleaners. Button, gems and various other collage materials are also great to use in outfitting your snow people.


Cut a piece of white construction paper the length of a craft roll.


Glue the cut construction paper around the craft roll and allow to dry.


Cut a pipe cleaner to size and glue pom poms to the sides for earmuffs. As the earmuffs dry, add wiggly eyes and make a nose with construction paper for the face.


Glue on buttons, tie a piece of ribbon around the neck and add any other accessories to your snowperson.

Snowman? Snowwoman? The term snowperson has been catching on as an easy way to create these lovable characters without the need for giving them a certain gender. Your own snow people can be whatever gender you choose, and children should outfit them however they see fit.


Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

This activity can work for younger children, but you may need to provide some assistance with cutting and forming some of the smaller materials. Whenever possible, allow the children to create their parts on their own.

Follow up Activity

Follow up Activity

Create a snowy winter scene using Insta-Snow® or white craft fluffs and have the children use their snowpeople as dramatic play characters. Be sure that all of the glue is dry before handling.

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