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Watercolor Turkeys & Leaves

2 and up: 45 Minutes: Thanksgiving
Watercolor Turkeys & Leaves

Watercolor Turkeys & Leaves

Watercolor Turkeys & Leaves
An Activity for Preschoolers:

Create fun, decorative turkeys, just in time for Thanksgiving!

Before You Begin:

Fill spray bottles with Colorations® Liquid Watercolor. Gather other supplies needed.

Activity Goals:

Develop fine motor skills
Create a festive Thanksgiving decoration


Feel free to use other collage materials, like pipe cleaners, pom-poms, printed craft tape, or markers to decorate the leaves and turkeys!

Let's Get Started


Using fall colors of Colorations® Liquid Watercolor, spray leaves and turkeys and allow to dry.


Once dry, decorate turkeys by gluing feathers and wiggly eyes to the bird shape. Decorate leaves with sticky gems or other collage materials.

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