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Pilgrim Hats

10-15 Minutes: 4 and up: Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Creative Craft Activity Pilgrim Hat

Pilgrim Hats

Thanksgiving Creative Craft Activity Pilgrim Hat


Give children a chance to dress up as the early pilgrim settlers with this quick and simple activity! They'll develop critical motor skills and practice concentration as they cut and assemble their project. Plus, they'll have a fun new dramatic play hat!

Set Up Ideas

You may start this activity by showing examples of the clothing worn by pilgrims and other early settlers to spark children's imaginations and get them ready to create.

Let’s Get Started

These adorable hats are pretty simple to make with just a few craft supplies. You'll need to gather black foam sheets or black construction paper, yellow construction paper, glue and staples to hold the construction paper bands together.


Cut out a pilgrim hat shape from sheets of black foam or black construction paper. You may wish to provide a stencil for younger children. Assist with cutting as needed.


Cut out buckle and trim for the hat, again using foam sheets or sheets of construction paper. Assist children with cutting these pieces out as needed.


Glue the buckle and trim onto the hat. If desired, have the children decorate their hats, buckles and trim with glitter glue or other creative collage materials.


Cut strips of black construction paper or foam sheets and attach them to the hat, creating a circle that will fit around and on top of the children's heads. Now, enjoy a party of pilgrims!

What did the pilgrims look like? What did they wear? This is a great chance to give children a view of the some of the first European settlers to our country. You may also show some dress of the indigenous people that the pilgrim's encountered and discuss the differences.


Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

This activity can be scaled to very young children by cutting the pieces in advance and providing age-appropriate materials to fully decorate their hats. They might not look exactly like pilgrim hats, but they'll be a lot of fun!

Follow up Activity

Follow up Activity

Celebrate the culture of the Native Americans whom the pilgrims met here by creating a spirit stick. Add feathers, beads and other craft materials to a stick or long craft roll.

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