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Torn Paper Rainbows

30 Minutes: 4 and up: Pride
Celebrate Pride! Torn Paper Rainbows

Torn Paper Rainbows

Celebrate Pride! Torn Paper Rainbows
An Activity for Preschool Age Children

This craft requires no scissors, so it can be created safely by very young children. Children will practice identifying colors and sorting pieces of paper by color.

Before You Begin:

All you'll need are some paper plates, construction paper in different colors and white school glue. If you intend to have very young toddlers participate in this activity, you might choose to rip the paper into medium size pieces ahead of time.

Activity Goals:

Allow children to sort pieces of paper and name the colors.
Create a rainbow that children can take home to their families.
Display all the rainbows together on a bulletin board for pride month.


Depending on the age of the children, you may discuss what pride month is intended to celebrate. Ask the children to name one relative they love and then name one person they are not related to that they love.

Let's Get Started


Take a paper plate and cut it in half to create the semicircle shape of the rainbow. The paper plate also provides a sturdy surface that won’t become soft under the glue.


Allow the children to choose what order they want the colors of their rainbows to appear. If you have created a finished rainbow ahead of time, you may show it as an example.


Apply a thin layer of glue onto the paper plate and then let the children place the pieces of paper onto the glue.


Once the children have completed their rainbows, allow them to dry completely overnight.

Season Pride Month
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