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Recycled Material Heart Door Hangers

20-30 Minutes: 4 and up: Pride
Celebrate Pride! Recycled Material Heart Door Hangers

Recycled Material Heart Door Hangers

Celebrate Pride! Recycled Material Heart Door Hangers
An Activity for All Ages

Create a welcoming heart craft to show that your home or classroom is a loving and friendly environment for all.

Before You Begin:

Gather some old carboard boxes, glitter, glue, yarn and washable craft paint. This craft is all about using recycled materials, so incorporate any interesting textured materials that you have available.

Activity Goals:

Demonstrate how recycled materials can be turned into works of art.
Create a welcoming heart craft to hang on your door for all to see.
While children are engaged in the craft, take a moment to ask what love means to them and whom they love.


Create a fun atmosphere by asking children to bring their recycled materials to the craft table and letting them be creative in how they use them. Some children will want to create very neat and tidy heart hangers while others will take a more abstract approach.

Let's Get Started


We used cardboard from an old shipping box. If you wish to add glitter and paint drizzles, apply them before cutting the hearts out.


Once the materials are dry, you may help children cut out 3 or 4 hearts in varying sizes.


Stack the hearts on top of each other from big to small, layering glue between them to adhere them together. Allow the glue to dry overnight.


To hang your heart, punch holes through the largest heart at the top and run thread between the two holes, tying the thread at each hole.

Season Pride Month
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