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Santas and Reindeer

30 Minutes: Holiday
Santas and Reindeer Christmas Holiday Winter Creative Craft Activity

Santas and Reindeer

Santas and Reindeer Christmas Holiday Winter Creative Craft Activity
An Activity for School Age Children:

Celebrate the coming of Christmas with these charming characters!

Before You Begin:

To make these adorable figurines, you'll need to gather ceramic or papier-mâché pots, bells, pipe cleaners, felt sheets and wiggly eyes.

Activity Goals:

To exercise fine motor skills and creativity while creating a festive craft


Steps 1–3 below detail how to create the Santa craft. Steps 4–6 detail how to make the reindeer craft. Give children the option of which craft to make for a delightful collection of Santas and reindeer, or if time allows then have them create both!

Let's Get Started


Cut a coat from red felt and a belt and boots from black felt. Glue them to the craft roll.


Make a hat from red and white felt and glue it to the top.


Use felt or poms to make a white beard. Glue to the face along with wiggly eyes to complete your Santa.


Glue or tape pipe cleaner antlers on top of the upside-down pot, and a pom-pom nose and wiggly eyes onto the face.


To create the reindeer, paint a ceramic or papier-mâché pot green around the opening of the pot and brown throughout the remainder.


Glue jingle bells onto the green collar for a delightful, jingling reindeer!

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