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Handprint Turkeys

10-15 Minutes: 4 and up: Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Creative Craft Activity Hand Turkey

Hand Print Turkey

Thanksgiving Creative Craft Activity Hand Turkey


This classic Thanksgiving activity is still gobbles of fun! Painting their hands to produce colorful handprints provides children with valuable motor skill practice. Using handprints to create art also encourages creative thinking and unique ways of creating art.

Set Up Ideas

Prepare painting, handprint and washing stations, each with the proper tools for the job. Assist the children as they move from one station to the next, and then back again for the last handprints.

Let’s Get Started

Get ready to make some truly charming Thanksgiving turkeys! For this activity, you'll need construction paper in colors suitable for making the turkey bodies, beaks, feet and waddles. You'll also need paint in at least four fall colors, wiggly eyes and a big imagination!


Paint children's hands each with a fall color of paint and have them stamp their hands onto a white sheet of paper. Afterward, ensure that children wash their hands thoroughly.


Repeat step 1 using two new colors, and have children wash their hands again. Now the children should have a sheet of paper with four different colored handprints.


Cut two round shapes to make the turkey's body. Once the handprints are dry, glue these pieces on the opening in the center. Then, cut shapes for the feet, beak and waddle.


Glue wiggly eyes, the beak, the legs and the waddle to the turkey's body. Now enjoy the beautiful Thanksgiving handprint turkey that you've made!

Discuss with the children what sorts of things they are thankful for. If the children seem reluctant or unable to think of something, you may share some things you are thankful for. Some topics to be thankful for may include friends, family, food, school, the weather and so on.


Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Have a station with paint and foam brushes ready, as well as a space for children to quickly wash their hands. When working with multiple children, have one child wash up while painting the next child's hands.

Follow up Activity

Follow up Activity

Challenge children to think of what other animals they can make using their own handprints! Provide paint and other art materials and assist as needed with painting and washing hands.

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