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Grandma’s BioColor Marbled Flowerpot

15-30 Minutes: 4 and up: Grandparents Day
Grandma's Marbled Flower Pot

Grandma's BioColor Marbled Flowerpot

Grandma's Marbled Flower Pot


In this activity we're going to make marbled papier-mache pots that grandma and grandpa can use for flowers, change, pens, treats and more!

Set Up Ideas

This is going to be a little messy, so it would be best to provide gloves and aprons and cover the table with plastic or butcher paper. Filling Nancy bottles with BioColor® ahead of time is advised.

Let’s Get Started

To create this colorful flowerpot craft, you'll need to gather the following materials: papier-mache flowerpot, BioColor® paint, art trays, Nancy bottles and wood craft sticks.


Holding the flowerpot from the inside with one hand, begin to squirt a crosshatch pattern on the rim and base of the flowerpot using 3 or more colors of BioColor.


As the colors are added, use a wood stick to swirl the colors together any way you like.


Repeat this process around the entire flowerpot and the rim.


Leave the flowerpot to dry either upside down or right-side up as you prefer. Keep in mind that the paint will run down, which is what makes the marbled look.

What makes BioColor paint marble is its special formula. BioColor paint does not mix completely, so the colors stay separate rather than combining. Try this with other types of paint and you will see the difference.


Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Decorate the inside of the flowerpot using fabric flowers, rhinestones, pictures of flowers with glue or Mod Podge, etc.

Follow up Activity

Follow up Activity

Create flowers to place in your flowerpots using pipe cleaners, tissue paper, construction paper or other craft materials.

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