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Watercolor Bookmarks for Grandma and Grandpa

15-30 Minutes: 4 and up: Grandparents Day
Grandparent's Day - Bookmarks

Watercolor Bookmarks for Grandma and Grandpa

Grandparent's Day - Bookmarks


No matter our age, reading is good for our brains! Encourage grandma and grandpa to read more by giving them a unique and personal bookmark gift. It's sure to bring smiles to their faces!

Set Up Ideas

You'll end up with 2 crafts done at the end of this activity, so set up a drying area with sheets of watercolor paper laid out—one per child.

Let’s Get Started

You'll need to gather the following materials to create these personalized bookmarks for grandma and grandpa: Liquid Watercolor™, droppers, art trays, watercolor paper, diffusing paper shapes, yarn and clear adhesive cover.


Have kids pick a diffusing paper shape and place it on the tray. Drop up to 4 colors on each shape and watch the colors blend.


Once completely saturated, bring the trays to where watercolor paper is laid out and have the kids place their shape on the papers to dry.


Once dry, the watercolor paper will have an imprint of the shape and may be displayed as its own artwork. If desired, cut the dried shape into any form (no more than 5–6").


Cover the cut-out shape with clear adhesive cover. Punch a hole and tie yarn to the top. Now you have 2 crafts: a bookmark for grandparents and a work of art for hanging.

What were your two favorite colors to blend together? Talk about primary colors and color blending more. What is your favorite book to read?


Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

If developmentally appropriate, you may wish to discuss the color wheel and color blending before beginning. This will let children predict what will happen when different colors combine and test their predictions.

Follow up Activity

Follow up Activity

Encourage freeform exploration of color blending by having children draw a design on paper with pencil, then use droppers to add Liquid Watercolor all over the paper.

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