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Grampa & Gran’s Coaster

15-30 Minutes: 4 and up: Grandparents Day
Grandparent's Day Craft - Coaster

Grampa & Gran's Coaster

Grandparent's Day Craft - Coaster


Everyone can use a special coaster! Gran and Grampa will think of their grandkids every time they drink coffee or a cool drink while using these crafty coasters. Plus, children will learn some basic construction skills.

Set Up Ideas

Set up a crafting area filled with a buffet of options for decorating your coasters. This is a great chance to use collage pieces and leftover materials from previous projects.

Let’s Get Started

To make these cool coasters for your grandparents, you'll need to gather tacky glue, jumbo craft sticks (colored or plain are appropriate), felt, pom poms and any other decorating materials desired.


Gather 9 large craft sticks for each coaster. To begin, place 7 craft sticks side by side to form a square.


Using tacky glue, affix the other two craft sticks on top, running across the other sticks to secure them all together.


Cut a square of felt from a sheet and glue it to the bottom of the coaster where you just glued the 2 perpendicular sticks. Felt will protect the table and resist sliding.


Turn the coaster over and decorate as desired.

What do your grandma and grandpa like to drink? Do they drink coffee, tea or something else in the morning? What other things do they do in the mornings? Do you do any of those things also?


Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Using hot glue or glue dots eliminates drying time, for much quicker crafting.

Follow up Activity

Follow up Activity

Create a special card for grandma and grandpa to go along with your coaster gift. use crayons or markers and simple collage materials for a card that will quickly come together.

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