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Celebrating Cultural Diversity Bulletin Board

10-15 Minutes: 2 and up: Cultural Diversity

Celebrating Cultural Diversity Bulletin Board

Cultural Diversity Bulletin Board


It takes everyone lending a helping hand to make the world a more beautiful place! Our diversity is beautiful and deserves to be celebrated. This board will become a perfect display of the beauty that we can all create together.

Set Up Ideas

To begin this activity, you'll want to have a bulletin board prepared in your room. Provide materials not only for coloring hands, but for adding creative accessories.

Let’s Get Started

For this inspired activity, you'll need markers, paint or crayons in multi-cultural colors. You will also need either precut hand shapes or scissors, pencils and paper so that the children may trace and cut out their own paper handprints.


Decorate cutout paper hands using multi-cultural colored paint, markers or crayons.


Add nails, jewelry, henna markings or any other individual creative flourish to make each handprint a unique emblem of diversity!


Create a board backdrop by adding dark blue or black bulletin board paper. On top of that, use blue and green paper to represent the Earth.


Once the hands are dry and decorated, add them around the Earth's outline. Include inspired messaging at the top of the board using cut-out letters or paint.

Explain what diversity means. Ask each child in what ways they think they're different or unique. Ask kids how they feel being different from others. Invite kids to encourage one another by saying something nice to someone else about their different trait.


Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Use multi-cultural construction paper to eliminate a step in the hand-making process. You may simply trace children's hands or use a stencil to make uniform hand shapes.

Follow up Activity

Follow up Activity

Have a diversity lunch party by incorporating foods from different parts of the world!

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