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Build-A-Park Activity

10-15 Minutes: 4 and up: Stamping
Stamping Creative Craft Activity - Create Your Own Park

Build-A-Park Activity

Stamping Creative Craft Activity - Create Your Own Park


Use stampers to create your dream park! Children will use their imaginations to think of their perfect park, then use stampers and other collage materials to bring that vision to life. You may follow this activity up with your own trip to the park!

Set Up Ideas

Have a variety of drawing materials, stamp pads and collage materials around so that the kids can create whatever play-scape they can dream up.

Let’s Get Started

To make your dream park, our Jumbo Park Stamp Pad set provides a variety of terrific stampers with the right shapes! You'll also need jumbo stamp pads, 12"x18" construction paper and glue. You may also wish to use natural sand, shredded tissue, crayons and more collage materials.


This is an open-ended activity with no specific steps that need to be completed. Below are some ideas and suggestions for this activity.


Ask the kids to imagine a park that they would want to play in. Have them consider what playground equipment, plants and animals might be there.


Help the children find the stampers, stamp pads and any other material they may wish to use in creating their parks.


After the children have completed their parks, discuss what they placed in their park and what materials they used to create their perfect park setting.

This is a great activity to talk about your local parks and the children's preferences. Prompt an extensive conversation by asking about the children's favorite activities and objects at the park. Do they visit the park with friends, family members or pets?


Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Our park stampers are perfect for this activity, but children may expand their creativity by using all sorts of stampers. Their perfect parks may include jungle animals or floating letters in the sky!

Follow up Activity

Follow up Activity

Take a field trip to the park and see which objects the children added to their artworks are at the park. Which ones are not?

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