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BioColor® X-Rays

15 Minutes: 2 and up: Learning - Imagination & Exploration
Biocolor Xrays

BioColor® X-Rays


This extraordinary artwork encourages children to take a unique look inside! From covering their hands with smooth, wet paint to the final result of an artwork that closely resembles an x-ray, children will be talking about this activity for weeks to come!

X-rays are often an unusual and exciting topic for children, especially those who have been fortunate enough to not have broken any bones! Pair this activity with examples of real x-rays taken from humans and other animals for added scientific investigation.

Learning Imagination & Exploration
Ages 3-9
Time 15-20min
BioColor X-rays what you need

Set Up ideas

Things could get messy! With both hands covered in paint, children will likely need assistance washing their hands before moving on with the activity. Ensure that cleaning supplies are easily accessible, and that children have plenty of room to work on their x-ray artwork.

Let’s Get Started

This is a great art project that works in tandem with a basic introduction to nutrition and the parts of the human body. You might begin this activity by discussing the bones of the human body, what an x-ray is and why someone might need an x-ray.


Pour a small dab of a light colored BioColor® into a child’s hand, and then have them rub both hands together so that they are fully covered with paint. Add a little more paint to their hands if needed.


Have the children place both of their hands onto a sheet of white paper. Push down hard enough to make two handprints.


Apply a thin line of dark colored BioColor® to the left or right of the children’s handprints.


Using a scraper, pull the paint across the handprints and marvel with the children as handprint x-rays appears!

X-rays give us a peek inside the human body. For children, the inner workings of our bodies may still be a bit of a mystery. This activity is a good opportunity to discuss bones, muscles and the organs that make up our bodies.


Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

For more interesting artwork, older children can use multiple colors to either create their hand prints. Instead of one line of paint, try using a dab of several colors for a rainbow flair!

Follow up Activity

Follow up Activity

After creating their own x-rays with paint and handprints, show children examples of actual x-rays taken from both humans and animals. In addition to being fun to look at, this gives children an opportunity to compare and contrast what they see.

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