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Bead Sequencing

15 Minutes: 4 and up: Learning - Concentration & Focus
Matching Beads

Bead Sequencing


Beading activities are not only great for creating stylish bracelets and necklaces—they are also wonderful opportunities to practice patterns, sequencing, concentration and focus!

Learning Concentration Focus
Ages 3-6
Time 15-20min
Matching Beads what you need

Set Up ideas

To prepare for this activity you’ll want to first gather a wide assortment of colored pony beads. Choose plain round beads, but feel free to add more unique beads to the mix! Then, place your bead assortment into a low, flat container to prevent spills. Whatever beads that you choose, you’ll also want to supply children with a selection of markers matching the colors of the beads.

Let’s Get Started

Provide children with rectangular pieces of white paper. They will use these to create their initial patterns. Ensure that children have easy access to your assortment of markers and beads, and let the fun begin!


Using a black marker, have the children draw a line across the center of their piece of paper, lengthwise.


Encourage children to create their own unique pattern using six colors along the line. This pattern will serve as their pattern. Their drawings provide a reference for them to study as they lace their beads.


Tie a knot at one end of the yarn to stop the beads from sliding off the end.


Encourage the children to find beads that match the colors of their pattern and begin lacing the beads in the order of the pattern. If they’ve completed the first set correctly, they can repeat it by adding a second matching set.

Have the children continue beading according to their pattern. Once the pattern is sufficiently long, help them tie the lacing yarn into a necklace that is loose enough to safely be worn.


In addition to developing patterning and fine motor skills, this activity is meant to build concentration and focus. To facilitate this, make sure that the environment is calm. Let them work on their own as they recreate their pattern with beads. Offer praise if they recreate their pattern successfully and words of encouragement if they do not.

Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Beads come in many different shapes, colors and sizes. For a more difficult challenge, you may increase the difficulty of this activity by including a greater variety of beads.

Follow up Activity

Follow up Activity

Encourage children to trade necklaces with a partner. Then, let each child recreate the pattern of their partner’s necklace on the back of their original sheet of paper.

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