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Tissue Foil Shine

30-45 Minutes: 4 and up: Learning - Self Expression
Tissue Foil Shine

Tissue Foil Shine


Create collage artworks with a little added shimmer! This unique activity has children creating artwork on a unique canvas: aluminum foil. The result is a unique and unusual artmaking experience.

Learning self expression
Ages 4-12
Time 30-45min
Tissue Foil Shine what you need

Set Up ideas

Prepare for this activity by filling several craft cups with watered down white school glue and provide tissue paper. You may also wish to provide old magazines for children to find interesting images for their collages. Old wrapping paper and tissue paper with unique designs are also great options!

Let’s Get Started

Provide children with enough aluminum foil to cover the tagboard completely, plus a little extra to fold back over the tagboard once their artwork is complete.


Fold the edges of the foil back over the tagboard and tape them down - this strengthens the foil.


Begin by cutting interesting shapes or tearing pieces of tissue paper into strips and shapes.


Mix some washable school glue with a little water to thin it out. Lay the tissue paper from the previous step onto the shiny side of the foil, and then brush the glue mixture over the image to adhere it to the foil.


Children may wish to create a scene using specific shapes and objects or a completely abstract design. Leave some foil showing for a shimmery effect. Allow the children’s artwork to dry completely.

Children may choose to depict an actual scene or simply create abstract artwork. Whichever they choose, it might not be so clear to you as an outside observer. Ask questions and have them explain to you whether they are depicting something real or creating something abstract.


Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Since the foil is flexible, another option is to wrap 3D objects with the completed artwork. Small boxes, figurines and cups are just a few possible ideas.

Using extra-wide foil is also a great way to turn this project into a mural or table covering.

Follow up Activity

Follow up Activity

Perform an art exhibition with the children’s creations! Display children’s artworks throughout the room and encourage them to discuss their artistic choices and what they think about their finished product.

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