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Torn Paper Animals

4 and up: Learning - Individuality: Two Sessions

Torn Paper Animals


You’ve never seen collage creations quite like these! Collage artwork is a perfect choice for creative expression because no two artworks will look alike. This activity takes individuality further as children not only select collage pieces, they actually create them!

learning individuality
Ages 4-9
Time 2 Sesssions

Set Up ideas

This activity is all about self-expression, creativity and individuality, so be sure to provide children with a broad selection of paints and textured paint rollers to work with.

Let’s Get Started

Encourage children to experiment with color and texture as they prepare. In the second half of the activity, you might consider showing them some animal outlines that they can refer to for inspiration.


Using two colors of BioColor® paint, dab several paint dots onto a sheet of paper. With a paint scraper, move the paint across the paper to one side with scraper. Set the paper aside to dry.


On a second sheet of paper, use textured foam paint rollers to paint two different colors onto the paper. Allow the paint on this sheet to dry as well.


Once the paint on both sheets of paper is dry, begin tearing both sheets of painted paper into small pieces of various shapes.


Create a large animal sketch on a blank sheet of paper. Fill in the empty animal shape by gluing down the pieces of torn colored paper. The result will be totally unique animal designs created with unique collage pieces!

As the children paint their sheets of paper, ask them about what colors and textures they are using. What led them to make their decisions? Did they choose their favorite colors, or colors that they thought would look nice together?


Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

To give children examples of animals created with unique and colorful designs, you may review images of their favorite animals.

You may allow older children to make
more than two collage papers to work with.

Follow up Activity

Follow up Activity

Children will likely have extra pieces of colored paper following this activity. Dedicate a box in your classroom for collage papers that everyone can add to. Encourage children to share and use another’s interesting patterns.

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