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Statue of Liberty Crown and Torch

15-30 Minutes: 4th of July: 6 and up
Statue of Liberty Crown

Statue of Liberty Crown and Torch

Statue of Liberty Crown


Celebrate Independence Day by holding the torch high! This activity is a great chance to introduce children to some history while creating a craft perfect for both role-playing and holiday celebration. Just be sure to let the paint dry before wearing the crown!

Set Up Ideas

What better way to start this activity than with a discussion and demonstration of the Statue of Liberty? Show images of the iconic statue and provide some background information.

Let’s Get Started

To recreate these well-known symbols from the Statue of Liberty, you'll just need to gather paper plates, construction paper, tissue paper, long craft rolls (or empty paper towel rolls), paint and paint brushes.


Paint the paper plate and construction paper a light blue-green color to match the Statue of Liberty. You may need to mix some colors to find just the right match. Let dry.


Cut out the point pieces for the crown and glue them onto the paper plate.


Glue the painted construction paper onto the long craft roll to create the Statue of Liberty's iconic torch. Allow the torch to dry before continuing.


Assemble the tissue paper into a shape roughly resembling a flame and then place it on the top of the long craft roll torch.

With a statue as iconic and symbolic as the Statue of Liberty, there is so much that you may wish to discuss. Some topics include the ideas of liberty, freedom and democracy. You might also discuss how that statue was a gift from France. What a nice gift!


Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

If you want to get the color of the statue just right, you may wish to mix some light blue along with a little light green and a little white. You may allow the children to experiment with creating the right color.

Follow up Activity

Follow up Activity

Complete your Independence Day celebration with noisemakers! For a super simple one, fill a water bottle or other small container with rocks, beads or even dry beans.

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