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Stamp the Missing Letter

10-15 Minutes: 4 and up: Stamping
Stamping Creative Craft Activity - Missing Letters

Stamp the Missing Letter

Stamping Creative Craft Activity - Missing Letters


Get creative by making specialized spelling worksheets for your kids! Teaching spelling with bright colors and the hand-eye coordination involved with stamping is a perfect combination of art plus learning.

Set Up Ideas

Scale this activity to younger children by having them read the word and find the matching image stamper. For older children, have them spell the full words of stamped images.

Let’s Get Started

In this activity you'll begin by creating worksheets for children to fill in the missing letters. You'll need to gather the following materials: upper and/or lowercase alphabet stampers, object or animal stampers, construction paper and washable stamp pads.


Use a stamper to stamp the image of an animal or another object on the far-right side of a horizontal sheet of paper.


Write or stamp the letters of the name of the object or animal in a line. Be sure to leave one letter space empty; you may draw a line below the missing letter space to signal for children to fill in the blank.


To save time, you may wish to create one template and copy it so that all the children have the same sheet to work from.


Let the kids stamp in the missing letters on their sheets using uppercase or lowercase stampers.

You may have children repeat the words back to you and try some spelling out loud before having them stamp their letters. Discuss the sounds of the missing letters, the uppercase and lowercase forms of the letter and whether the letter is a vowel or consonant.


Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

If you are studying certain letters, choose words that contain those letters and leave those letters blank. Or you may choose words that all start with the same letter.

Follow up Activity

Follow up Activity

After having practice filling in the blank letter, have children spell out full words using their stampers. Children may refer to their initial sheet and then recreate the words themselves for more spelling practice.

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