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Spooky Spider Webs

2 and up: 30 Minutes: Halloween
Spooky Spider Webs

Spooky Spider Webs

Spooky Spider Webs
An Activity for Preschoolers:

Colorful spider webs are perfect for exciting Halloween décor!

Before You Begin:

Gather the art supplies needed: colored or natural craft sticks, paint, glue or Glue Dots® and yarn in your color of choice.

Activity Goals:

To create a Halloween-themed decoration
To develop fine motor skills
To practice weaving skills


Create spiders with poms, wiggly eyes and pipe cleaners and glue them onto the web for more creepy, crawly fun!

Let's Get Started


Choose colored craft sticks or paint craft sticks and let them dry before beginning.


Attach 3 craft sticks together in the center using glue or Glue Dots®.


Tie yarn to the center of the web and work outward, looping the yarn around each stick in an outward pattern. Younger children may prefer to repeat an over-under pattern rather than looping.


Use excess yarn at the end for hanging.

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