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Rainbow Flag Heart Display

45-60 Minutes: 6 and up: Pride
Celebrate PRIDE - Rainbow Flag Heart Display

Rainbow Flag Heart Display

Celebrate PRIDE - Rainbow Flag Heart Display
An Activity for All Ages

Create a colorful heart display for your home or classroom to open up conversations about what the colors represent and why those meanings are important.

Before You Begin:

Gather construction paper in the following colors: purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, brown and black. You'll also need 4 wine corks, cooking skewers, a small-diameter hole punch and sturdy tacky glue or hot glue. If you wish to paint your cork, grab some white paint and a brush.
Finally, print out a rainbow flag colors key—these are easily found online.

Activity Goals:

Celebrate Pride Month!
Practice cutting and folding skills.
Open conversation about what the rainbow flag colors stand for.
Create a beautiful display for the home or classroom.


Everyone has seen the brightly colored pride flag, but few people know what the colors actually stand for. Discussing those meanings with children can create positive opportunities for growth, understanding and compassion.

Let's Get Started


Cut a nice big heart from each color of construction paper. Also cut a circle from each color to act as a base.


Fold the heart back and forth in an accordion fashion, punch a hole through the center and slide a skewer up into the heart.


Cut a wine cork in half and paint it white if desired. Then glue the cork to the paper circle to create a base for the heart to stand upright. Make sure it is fully dry before sticking the skewer with the attached heart into the cork.


Display the hearts and use them to open a discussion about what the colors symbolize.

Season Pride Month
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