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Rainbow Heart “Stained Glass” Window Art

15-30 Minutes: 6 and up: Pride
Celebrate Pride! Rainbow Heart Stained Glass Window Art

Rainbow Heart “Stained Glass” Window Art

Celebrate Pride! Rainbow Heart Stained Glass Window Art
An Activity for School Age Children

These colorful window hangers will add a burst of color to your home or classroom! Hang them in a window to be seen from outside and inside, and marvel as they filter light into a rainbow of colors.

Before You Begin:

All you'll need to gather for this activity is black construction paper, tissue paper in a rainbow of colors, scissors and white school glue.

Activity Goals:

Show your pride by displaying a cheerful rainbow heart in a window.
Working with tissue paper to teach children to be careful and gentle.
Brighten somebody’s day by displaying the rainbow heart in your window.


While the children are creating their rainbow hearts you can take the time to discuss what the pride rainbow represents and share with them what each color is intended to symbolize.

Let's Get Started


Prepare by cutting long strips of tissue paper in rainbow colors about 3" wide.


Place two pieces of black construction paper together, one on top of the other. Fold them in half to cut a large heart in the center. You should now have two identical sheets of black paper with a heart missing from the center of each.


Lay one sheet down on a craft surface and trace along the edge of the heart with glue,


Place strips of tissue paper across the heart and into the line of glue, pressing it down gently with your fingers. Then, add the next strip of color, working in one direction across the heart.


Once the heart is full of tissue paper strips, add a small amount of glue outside of the heart and lay the other sheet of black construction paper with the cut-out heart onto your artwork, matching the hearts up. This will close the artwork and create a clean look on both sides. Allow to dry flat overnight before hanging.

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