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Pom-Pom Fluffy Pride Rainbow

20-30 Minutes: 4 and up: Pride
Celebrate Pride! Pom Pom Fluffy Pride Rainbow

Pom-Pom Fluffy Pride Rainbow

Celebrate Pride! Pom Pom Fluffy Pride Rainbow
An Activity for Preschool Children

This craft requires no scissors, so it can be created safely by very young children. Children can practice identifying colors and sorting the pom poms by color.

Before You Begin:

All you need is a big bag of assorted colors of pom poms, some heavyweight white paper and tacky glue.

Activity Goals:

Show your classroom pride by displaying a cheerful pom rainbow.
Create fluffy pom-pom rainbows that are both charming to look at and fluffy to feel.
Brighten somebody’s day by displaying the rainbow heart in your window.


It’s nice to open a bag of pom poms onto a tray or storage tub and allow the children to experience the tactile feel of sticking their hands into fluffy pom poms. Allow them to hunt and sort for the colors they need as part of the activity, or assign each child a color and encourage them to act as a team finding the colors and creating piles for each other.

Let's Get Started


Draw a rainbow outline on a piece of heavyweight white paper.


Help the children spread glue on their rainbow outline, leaving it thick and wet enough to hold the pom poms. We recommend tacky glue for the best adhesion with 3-dimensional pom poms.


Show the children how to apply the pom poms in semicircle rows across their rainbows. You may wish to make one ahead of time to demonstrate.


Allow the rainbows to dry overnight before taking them home or hanging them in the classroom.

Season Pride Month
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