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Bookmarks for Pride Month

15-30 Minutes: 4 and up: Pride
Celebrate Pride! Bookmarks for Pride Month

Bookmarks for Pride Month

Celebrate Pride! Bookmarks for Pride Month
An Activity for All Ages

Bookmarks are easy to make and fun to give as gifts. You don’t need a lot of fancy art supplies or planning to provide a quick craft activity like this one!

Before You Begin:

Bookmarks can be made of construction paper, felt, cardboard or almost anything you have around. Add colorful decorative elements like foam shapes, wood pieces or other flat materials. You’ll also need glue and scissors, and you may add yarn as tassels if you like.

Activity Goals:

Create cheerful bookmarks to celebrate pride month or pride day.
Make bookmarks as gifts to give or trade with friends.
Make a long-lasting pride keepsake.


Take a moment to discuss what pride celebrates and answer questions children might have. Children might come up with cute sayings or supportive phrases around pride month or pride day to incorporate into their bookmarks.

Let's Get Started


Cut rectangular pieces of paper or fabric to create the base of each bookmark.


Allow children to be creative in how they decorate their bookmarks, including in their materials and designs.


Explain the importance of the pride flag colors and what they mean as the children incorporate the flag into the designs.


Allow the children to share their creations and open up discussions on what inspired each design.

Season Pride Month
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