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Glittering Disco Pride Rainbows

20-30 Minutes: 6 and up: Pride
Celebrate Pride! Glittering Disco Pride Rainbows

Glittering Disco Pride Rainbows

Celebrate Pride! Glittering Disco Pride Rainbows
An Activity for School Age Children

Who can deny the fun and sparkle of pride month! Why not bring the glittery fun to your craft hour? Put on some fun disco music and let the kids create glitter rainbows to celebrate pride month. Does your classroom have a disco ball? It may be the perfect time to get one!

Before You Begin:

For this shimmering activity, you’ll need glitter in a rainbow of colors, white school glue and heavyweight white paper that will hold up to a lot of glue and glitter.

Activity Goals:

Show your classroom pride by displaying a cheerful, glittering heart rainbow.
Create a glittery rainbow that children can take home to share with their families.
Display all the rainbows together on a bulletin board for pride month.


You’ll want to be careful with glitter and small children, glitter can be harmful to eyes and noses.

Let's Get Started


Have the children draw the outline of a rainbow on a heavy-duty piece of white paper or posterboard.


Coat the rainbow in a generous, wet layer of glue. You should always pour glitter into a wet puddle of glue for an even, rich coating and the best adhesion.


Pour each color of glitter in thick, even rows across the rainbow and allow the glitter to sit on the glue a few minutes. Then, gently lift the rainbow and tap off the excess glitter.


Allow the craft to dry flat overnight before taking home or displaying in the classroom.

Season Pride Month
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