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Pattern Stamping

10-15 Minutes: 4 and up: Stamping
Stamping Creative Craft Activity - Patterns

Pattern Stamping

Stamping Creative Craft Activity - Patterns


Seamlessly combine art with logic and math by teaching patterns using stamps! Children can practice both recognizing and creating patterns through a colorful, hands-on stamping activity.

Set Up Ideas

If the kids have a good grasp on patterns, they can create their own patterns and have a friend solve it. You may create pattern worksheets yourself for the children solve.

Let’s Get Started

To explore patterns, colors and shapes through stamping, you only need a few simple classroom materials. Simply gather construction paper, object and/or animal stampers and stamp pads to get started.


Discuss patterns and ensure that children have an understanding of how to recognize and create patterns involving shapes and colors.


Depending on the children's abilities and how you want to guide this activity, you may create a pattern on a whiteboard and have children stamp it on paper, have children create their own patterns or provide a prepared worksheet.


Leave a space or break in the pattern or leave enough room at the end of the row for children to complete the pattern.


Have children use stampers to complete the missing part of the pattern.

To discover a pattern, we can ask ourselves certain questions. What shapes or colors are repeated? How many times does each shape or color appear? Does saying the shapes or colors out loud help to discover the pattern? Go through these process questions with the children and get their responses.


Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

You may begin by keeping patterns very simple and then with each new line adding a level of complexity.

Follow up Activity

Follow up Activity

Have the children swap pattern sheets and complete each other's patterns or recreate the patterns of their peers. When we recreate someone else's work, we can come to understand a little more about how their minds work!

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