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Native American Headband

10-15 Minutes: 4 and up: Thanksgiving
Native American Headband Creative Craft Activity for Thanksgiving

Native American Headband

Native American Headband Creative Craft Activity for Thanksgiving


Learn about the cultural wear and traditions of the Native American by creating these lovely, personalized headbands. This terrific activity promotes creativity and fine motor skills, as well as a valuable lesson on the culture on the Native Americans.

Set Up Ideas

Provide a wide selection of materials for children to use in decorating their headbands. Encourage creative self-expression and use of a variety of materials.

Let’s Get Started

To make these lovely headbands, you'll need to gather 12" x 18" white construction paper, colored pencils and construction paper in red, yellow and orange. Additionally, have crayons, markers, sequins and other collage materials on hand so that children can personalize their headbands.


Cut a headband roughly 3" wide and 18" long from a sheet of construction paper.


Decorate the strip of construction paper to your liking using colored pencils, markers, sequins and any other collage materials desired.


Cut feather shapes from orange, yellow and red paper construction paper. Cut slits into the edges for more realistic looking feathers.


Staple the feathers onto the headband, and then staple the two ends of the headband together.

This activity can provide a great lesson on not only history, but respect and sensitivity toward other cultures. Creating and wearing headbands inspired by Native artworks gives children a chance to think about history and culture from the unique perspective of the Native Americans.


Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Have plenty of decorative supplies on hand so that children can express their creativity. It may be a good idea to show them some examples and discuss the patterns and items used in real Native American headgear.

Follow up Activity

Follow up Activity

For more Native American studies and crafts, use our air-drying clay to make and decorate simple clay pottery.

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